a little about me

I have studied Photography and Art Direction and worked as a Photographer, Art Director and Creative Director.

Then everything changed and starting as an Account Manager for an Internet firm I turned to Business and ended up working as an external consultant for the automotive industry, specialising in process analysis and improvement and strategy development.

And now things have changed again. I still work with passion as a consultant – but I have started on my creative projects again. Being able to switch between business and arts has improved my inner balance considerably.
Not surprisingly – bringing my creative skills back up to scratch has positive effects on my consulting work as well.

The beauty of it is that I do not have to rely on selling my art to make a living. I do not have to compromise.
I can create art because I feel the need for it – I do not have to create something that is commercially viable because I need the proceeds to buy the next loaf of bread.

I do realise that this is a very lucky and privileged position I am in.

And I am very greatful for that.