China Blog (engl)

About this blog…

Since I visited China for the first (and so far only) time in 2005, I have wanted to come back.
Back then I had only stayed for 12 days – and still got hooked.

But to get a job over there, or even a consulting project proved to be far more difficult than expected. And I have to admit that I got distracted by other job offers.

But when a couple of months ago I was asked, if I was interested in taking on a project in Beijing for half a year, I didn’t have to think twice. And everything fell into place:

1) my last projects just ended
2) the new project sounded interesting
3) it was with a new agency and for a new client
3) a very dear friend of mine had become a manager in Beijing
4) I had just made first connections into the Chinese art world

And then it took for ages to get the purchase order through.
But this is now all done and dusted and I arrived on the 20th of February in Beijing, to stay not just for six months – but until the end of December, as I found out just a few days beforehand.

So that’s quite a while. And plenty of time for new experiences and adventures.

And to keep track of all of it and to share it, I have been persuaded and convinced to keep a diary – or write a blog. And so this is it, my China Blog.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading it.